Dissemination and Promotion

CETINIA pays special attention to the dissemination of its work, as well as the promotion of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in general, by means of the following activities:

  • To present results in high-quality scientific and technical fora.  The results of CETINIA's research activities are publicised in different scientific and technical fora, but mainly through publications in prestigious conferences and journals.
  • To further the penetration in the socio-economic sector.  The results of CETINIA's activities in the field of development and innovation are presented at fairs, exhibitions, practitioner workshops, and any other event that may potentially be of interest to industry.
  • To promote the active involvement in boards and committees.  It is fostered the presence of CETINIA and its researchers in scientific or technological boards and committees in the field of Intelligent Information Technologies (IIT) like symposia, conferences, workshops, technical fora , etc., paying special attention to high impact international bodies.
  • To liaise with other actors in the field of R&D&I.  CETINIA's national and international context is periodically scanned so as to identify projects, networks, research groups, centres, etc. whose R&D&I activities may complement its objectives. Furthermore, adequate action is being taken to strengthen relationships of strategic importance, e.g. through the exchange of researchers and practitioners.
  • To periodically organise scientific talks and workshops at CETINIA's facilities.  The Centre supports and fosters the organisation of series of scientific talks and workshops, focusing on new research tendencies and strategies in the field of IIT.

A list of selected recent publications of members of the Centre can be found here. 

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