On May 9th, 2008, the Governing Board of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos endorsed the proposal to create the Centre for Intelligent Information Technologies (CETINIA). This decision was subsequently confirmed by the University's Social Council.

CETINIA aims at producing, applying, and disseminating knowledge in the area of Intelligent Information Technologies (IIT), as well as promoting the image of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and furthering its academic prestige both at national and international level.  To successfully carry out research, technology transfer, and dissemination activities which are required to meet that goal, CETINIA relies on a broad multinational team of researchers and practitioners.

With regard to research, the following objectives are being pursued:

  • generation of new knowledge in the area of IIT,
  • cooperation in the analysis of socio-economic problems that require research,
  • training of young researchers.

In order to take full advantage of CETINIA's research results and their potential impact on the socio-economic environment, the following objectives related to technology transfer are considered:

  • application of IIT for socio-economic problems,
  • provision of consulting and technological services,
  • collaboration in the identification and protection of potentially exploitable results.

To disseminate the results of research and technological transfer at CETINIA, and promote Universidad Rey Juan Carlos at the same time, the following objectives are being pursued:

  • presentation of results at high-profile scientific events,
  • sustained penetration into the socio-economic field,
  • significant presence in professional associations and committees,
  • liaison with other bodies in the field of R&D&I,
  • promotion and organisation of scientific workshops and conferences.