Centre for Intelligent Information Technologies (CETINIA)

University Rey Juan Carlos
Centre for Intelligent Information Technologies (CETINIA)
Campus de Mostoles
C/ Tulipan s/n
E-28933 Mostoles (Madrid)
Phone: (+34) 91 664 7485 Email: cetinia@ia.urjc.es
Fax: (+34) 91 488 8530 Web: http://www.cetinia.urjc.es

Latest News

April 16th, 2013: Invited presentation on Agreement Technologies at the ComSoC meeting, Hertford College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

14th of March, CETINIA members participated in the business competition of Wayra Telefonica 2013 proposing business idea for the patent commercialization named “FIRMS”. “FIRMS” was selected among 17 best out of 3444 internationally submitted projects.

November 16th 2012: CETINIA members participated in a Meeting on Smart Energy Systems at the University of Duisburg, Essen (Germany).

26th September 2012: Invited talk on Agreement Technologies at SYNAS-2012 in Timisoara (Rumania).

August 2012 - National and international patent application titled “Fleet Coordination process for attendance of events in dynamic environments” submitted by CETINIA members.


CETINIA members chair the 1st International Conference on Agreement Technologies (AT-2012) held on October 15 and 16, 2012 in Dubrovnik (Croatia).

The annual report of CETINIA's activities during the academic year 2011/12 is now available online.

CETINIA ha participado en la jornada "espacio de encuentro universidad - empresa" organizado por everis con la ayuda de Autelsi (asociación española de usuarios de telecomunicaciones y de la sociedad de la información). Representantes del mundo académico y empresarial, abogan por una relación más cercana con el fin de conseguir talento futuro de calidad.  Se sentaron las bases para una colaboración estrecha entre everis y CETINIA.

Created with the participation of CETINIA, the national thematic network of Linked Data, which brings together more than 150 researchers from 18 universities, has as main objective to facilitate exchange and transfer of knowledge between national research groups associated with universities, technology centers and companies, as well as with Spanish researchers that are currently working abroad in related areas.